Services Offered & Training

 What I do…

I offer a range of advice, consultancy and training services on how to write and present your message, especially in the digital scene.

Since 2007 I’ve lectured in the journalism department at Dublin Institute of Technology, and also teach online for the University of Florida. In 2010 I joined with Irish Times Training (an independent company, but associated with the newspaper) to deliver a short, concentrated course on journalism for adults. We’ve run a number of courses of six modules, each two full days, covering news writing, feature writing, editing, legal issues and ethics, and getting published. See:

ALongsWord also offers training in awareness of the digital age when producing content for web platofrms. The thinking is based on the imperatives of news writing – writing to be read! But of increasing importance is an awareness of good ethical practice, and online etiquette.

Take a day or half-day, depending on the needs of you and your company, to think and practise the most effective and professional way to write a blog, post a Tweet, or conduct your business Facebook page. It’s all about thinking of how the unseen reader and viewer out there reacts to your content.

Other short courses:

  • Public relations and news: short courses for PR professionals on how newsrooms/organisations work, on and offline. (1-2 days)
  • Writing for the digital world: courses to raise awareness of what is good on the web, how to approach a digital audience, and how to make your material compelling enough to stand out from the millions of words on the web
  • News English: you wouldn’t go out in a business suit with no shirt, would you? The effect is similar with badly-spelled or punctuated English. A journalist is a professional in words and constructing narrative. The basic skills have to be well honed. (1-2 days)
  • Pitching and getting commissions: how and where to contact the commissioning editors, in both Ireland and abroad, who can publish to the right audience. (half-day)

All these are available at external premises or, for small groups, mine in Dublin.

Email, or for more options see the Contact Me page.