Content Audit

What’s content audit?

This is a new service offered to all websites, news, special interest or commercial. It means looking at the material on the site and assessing it for appeal, clarity, spelling, grammar and professional polish.

Words will be examined to ensure that the message is getting across. The role of video, images, graphics and other supporting means of communication are looked at too.

Is your story being told strongly and clearly? This analysis and review will give the answer.

And if embarrassing mistakes or misprints are sneaking in, they’ll be identified and corrected.

To experience a content audit, all you need do is email me the web address of your site and I will read and review it, making detailed observations and recommendations.

This is not a technical content audit, which would examine the architecture of the site, but an analysis of the effectiveness of your content. Are you telling your story in the best way possible? To this I bring the eye and sensibility of years of production of top-quality communications in the news media industry.

See the ‘Contact Me’ page to connect on this service.