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The Word, the World, and the Internet


Welcome to Angela Long’s professional website. I’m A Long, and this is my word. (Or sword, if you read it another way).

My profession is news journalism, and these days I study the effects of delivery of news and current affairs going online. What does the internet revolution mean for the way people get their news about their society? As a media ethicist and ‘digital philosopher’ I try to reach some conclusions about the effect of the internet on news – apart from the big bad monetisation issue.

The site consists of information about the work I do, and how to contact me if you need those sorts of things done. I can run a newsroom, edit a magazine, teach a journalism course or train newcomers to the field in journalistic skills.

Content curation means making decisions about online news provision. With many different forms – words, video, audio, interaction – available now, it’s all the more important that websites have discriminating and experienced people selecting and editing content.

Content audit means a review of material, principally the words, on others’ websites and internet platforms. As an expert on journalism and message delivery, I can review the material presented online for clarity and attractiveness.

My journalistic articles are on the next page. My Twitter name is Alongsword.


Profile: Angela Long is a journalist and media consultant with 30 years’ experience in some of the world’s leading media organisations. She has extensive experience as a news editor, feature writer, reporter, production editor and broadcaster. A native of Melbourne, Australia, Angela received her primary degree in journalism at Melbourne Technical University (RMIT) before living in the US, England, Spain, and ultimately Ireland. Her media staff positions include 10 years at The Irish Times, five at The Sunday Times, two with the BBC World Service and eight with the Melbourne Herald. Angela has also worked for the United Nations in New York and acted as contributing media editor for Amnesty. She lectures in ethics, globalisation and newswriting at the School of Media, Dublin Institute of Technology, and has a MSc in the psychology of the internet*, with reference to online news, at IADT Dun Laoghaire* What’s that? See explanatory link... Cyberpsychology Masters

Click here for full CV: CV ANGELA LONG 2013

Staffed at these organisations…

The Irish Times, Dublin

Sun-Herald, Melbourne

BBC World Service

Sunday Times, London