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In defence of Nyberg

April 27th, 2011 Comments off

ALL AND sundry have been taking pot-shots at Mr Nyberg and his report on our national disaster.
And in that shot-taking there’s been a curious tendency to display one of the fatal features of Irish society that the cautious Finn fingered: groupthink.
For the consensus has been outrage, that Peter Nyberg did not ‘name the guilty men’. (And women, if there were any – but Ireland’s downfall was a particularly testosterone-driven exercise). From Vincent Browne to Shane Ross, to the man-in-the-street, there have been cries of disgust at Nyberg’s failure to name names in his report, published on April 19.
Yet, at this stage, what is the point of naming names? Don’t we know already who are the ‘guilty men’? Otherwise, why have Sean FitzPatrick, David Drumm, Michael Fingleton, Colm O’Doherty, Richie Boucher, Brian Cowen, Brian Lenihan et al, featured so large in reports about the reckless lending that caused Ireland to go bankrupt? Read more…

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Seemingly serene Irish press

April 15th, 2011 Comments off

There’s no great problems with press misbehaviour in our land, it would seem from the man who ‘polices’ it, the Press Ombudsman, John Horgan.

Only two of 315 complaints he received last year were sufficiently intractable to go to the Press Council. Resolution of one kind or another settled most, while some complaints were found to have no substance.

The Press Council of Ireland published its latest report on April 1. Unfortunate timing for any august tome, but this responsible document could not be mistaken for humour. It is serious and responsible – but perhaps gives a less nuanced picture of the Irish media than reality. Read more…

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