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Assange has shaken up media universe

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January, 2011

The Wikileaks revelations indicate a sea-change in the three-way relationship between power, information and the masses, writes ANGELA LONG

The story of Julian Assange and the Wikileaks revelations was manna from heaven for mainstream media at the end of 2010, during the notoriously fallow ‘silly season’. Not only was there news, but there was hot and strong news. One titillating revelation followed another, interspersed with more serious issues such as North Korea’s military preparedness. The overriding and delicious theme was revelation of what the powerful and privileged said and thought when they were not concealed in the cloak of correctness, or diplomatic euphemism and political non-speak. A lot of the revelations, as some commentators pointed out, fell into the characterization of ‘is the Pope a Catholic?’ Attitudes or antipathies we could easily have guessed were fleshed out by actual diplomatic cables.

Two features made the Wikileaks revelations important, even earth-shaking:
They were all true, undeniable, and in context, although many were opinions.
They shattered the myth that the press is there to reveal, and not take part in a cosy cartel conspiracy with the establishment. Read more…

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